The fastest way to grow your business with Big Data Value Analytics DigiMonks is a consulting and technology firm. We focus on boosting company performance by enhancing their capabilities for big-data analytics: we give them the right tools and the right knowledge. Our pragmatic approach and in-depth understanding of consumer data are the key to assuring significant impact for our clients.

DigiMonks is a consulting and technology firm specialized in

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Value Analytics

We commonly achieve increases in marketing budget effectiveness of 20% to 30%.
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Dynamic Pricing

We would be happy to do a quick scan of the potential opportunities of dynamic pricing for your company.
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Online Performance Management

We help every client with defining and cascading the right key performance indicators (KPI's).
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Retention Marketing & Loyalty Management

We enable companies to approach their customers at the right time with the most effective retention offer.
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Public Data Services

We assist our clients with meaningfully aggregating and structuring public data.
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Digital strategy development

Our team has a long track record in management consulting and in developing digital strategies.
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We work on performance-based remuneration and take full responsibility for attaining the common objectives. We mainly serve large corporations for which there are substantial opportunities to exploit customer data.

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We provide consulting services to large corporations in several areas: value analytics, dynamic pricing, performance management, retention marketing, big data solutions, and digital strategy. We focus on extracting value from customer data through pragmatic solutions. By creating the right insights and data streams we enable companies to improve their commercial capabilities and outperform the competition.
For our clients, we can offer to develop the following expert applications: dashboards and performance management tools, dynamic pricing modules, personal offering modules and decision engines, data aggregation solutions, and scraping solutions. Our applications are generally tailored towards our clients’ needs. We provide secure area hosting for our applications, which meets the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 standards.
We help companies boost their performance by building their capacity for big-data analytics. We give them the right people, the right tools, and the right knowledge. By combining a pragmatic approach with an in-depth understanding of consumer data, we ensure that impact is achieved for our clients. In contrast to other big data firms, we strive to make you self-reliant. Our ultimate goal is, thus, to help build your business’s capabilities as well as its ability to manage these new capabilities.

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